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The Munio, Lavender Organic liquid soap

The Munio, Lavender Organic liquid soap

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Info fra the Munio; Unveil a symphony of tranquility. This soap's scent, akin to nature's lullaby, weaves a tapestry of floral whispers, gently brushing against the senses. Like a fragrant embrace from a lavender garden, it caresses the olfactory palette with notes of serenity and grace.

A smooth and silky liquid soap. Gently foaming and made from organic coconut and olive oils. Hand-poured in a glass bottle and fragranced with lavender oil. The soap leaves the skin feeling nourished, hydrated and gently cleansed, while the lavender fragrance adds a pleasant lingering scent.

Fragrance: Floral, herbaceous, and slightly sweet with subtle notes of freshness | Volume: 200ml | Dimensions: Ø 8 cm x H 12 cm | Glass bottle 

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