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Drift Desert Vanilla Large

Drift Desert Vanilla Large

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Info fra Svenske Cooee Design; Drift desert is our new Drift 2.0 with new shapes. The mind is taken to wave-patterned beaches with its flowing structure. Characteristic of the Drift collection is the rough, sandy surface.

Keramikk vasene produseres nå i Portugal og er i de fleste ledd utarbeidet for hånd. Design og prototyper er laget i tre i verkstedet til Anders Pfeffer Gjengedal i Asker. Anders er andre halvdel av Vår butikk :)

''The nature around us is constantly shaped by the elements. From the major changes through the ice ages to weather's daily impact on a mountain birch and sand on a beach. Soft lines and organic forms are created. Even a seemingly straight horizon has a slight curve. In our homes, we are surrounded by straight lines and digital surfaces, so a soft shape on an 
object can be a welcoming and comfortable place to rest our eyes.'' - Anders Pfeffer Gjengedal

Material: Ceramic
Mått (cm): H: 30cm

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