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Aiayu "Towel" 70x140 Off White

Aiayu "Towel" 70x140 Off White

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Aiayu skriver:  With our new towel collection, we have developed the perfect everyday companion: functional, lasting pieces for the home with a signature touch of Aiayu luxury. European-made at a family-owned, GOTS-certified factory, Aiayu towels are made in a unique composition that merges soft, organic cotton with exceptionally absorbent and durable linen, creating a lasting product that is equally functional and elegant.

The towels come in four different versions: Pure Nature, which is 100% undyed, our semi-undyed Off-white version with an undyed cotton base, and two solid-colored versions: Steel and Saffron. 

80% GOTS-certified, organic cotton from Turkey
20% Belgian linen
Sourced and produced exclusively in Europe.

Aiayu towels can be machine washed at up to  60 degrees, but to save resources, we recommend washing at low temperatures.

Before use, leave the towels to soak in cold water for 24 hours. This will soften and unfold the linen fibers, enabling their unique durability and absorbency.

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