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Aiayu "Tito" 130x160 Stormy

Aiayu "Tito" 130x160 Stormy

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Aiayu skriver; A classic throw in 100% babyllama-wool. Made from ethically sourced llama fibers. Knitted in a classic “medio ingles”, a flexible ribbed structure that gives softness and volume. The throw is untouched by chemicals and comes in its natural colours. Designed by nature and refined by human hands. The TITO throw is named after our sole producer of our llama products in Bolivia. Tito has been our friend and collaborator since we started in 2005 and is a key player in making the aiayu dream a reality. He deserves only the best, so of course we should name a rich, soft throw after him. 

All throws are wrapped in a cotton bag that is perfect for multiple purposes: use it to store your lingerie, your shoes or your make-up. The bags are ideal for using and re-using.

Size: 130 x 160 cm

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