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Aiayu "Saga Dot" Pure Ecru

Aiayu "Saga Dot" Pure Ecru

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Aiayu skriver; Saga Dot is a crewneck sweater with feminine eyelet detailing. Made in our exceptionally warm and durable Sartuul wool, suitable for everyday wear. Saga has a menswear-inspired fit with elegant volume without being oversized. The sweater is finished with ribbed trims.

100% Sartuul wool, a rare breed of nomadic sheep from the Mongolian steppe. The wool is sourced from the “Green Gold” project, a Swiss development program which organises cooperatives of nomadic herders in the Mongolian steppe. The project helps herders preserve their traditional way of life through artisanal fiber production of heritage Mongolian breeds – like Sartuul and yak.

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