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Aiayu "Nellie Neck Warmer" Pure Ecru OS

Aiayu "Nellie Neck Warmer" Pure Ecru OS

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Aiayu skriver; NELLIE is a practical, warm collar to be worn as extra winter protection. Layer up for chilly days, and wear the NELLIE neck warmer over a sweater, tucked under a warm jacket. Warm and chunky style completed in a thick and plush llama yarn. The fluffy feel of the NELLIE means it pills more easily than some of our other llama accessories. We recommend gently removing any pills by hand before washing.

Fargen Pure Ecru er en lys natur ull. Ikke like hvit som modell foto der kontrast er økt.

This product is made from an exceptionally soft blend of 82% undyed llama and 18% recycled polyamide. Sourced from Bolivia and knit in Nepal.

Undyed llama wool is truly special. When an Aiayu piece is ‘undyed’, this simply means that the shade of the raw fiber has not been altered or chemically processed in any way. The color you see is all-natural – with every nuance and perfect imperfection that this entails. Our philosophy is to gently refine what nature has created so beautifully, which means keeping the natural color of our materials whenever possible. Undyed colors from nature are not only pure, biodegradable, and less polluting, they are also timeless, subtle, and beautiful.

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