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Aiayu "Madigan Cashmere blouse" Black

Aiayu "Madigan Cashmere blouse" Black

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Aiayu skriver; Madigan has the ease and versatility of your favorite long-sleeve tee with the cozy sophistication of a cashmere knit. Luxuriously soft and light thanks to an ingenuous pairing of two of nature’s most exceptional fibers - cashmere and linen - making it as natural as a second skin. This perfect combination allows for the unparalleled softness of cashmere to shine while benefiting from linen’s strength and breathability. The flattering ribbed texture closely skims the body, making it a dream to layer. 

Madigan has a slim fit that is meant to hug the body. The sleeves and body are cut quite long. It will stretch out, so we recommend sizing down to a snugger fit to begin with. 

Vi har også modellen i grey melange som vist i film

· Slim fit
· 60% cashmere, 40% linen blend
· Origin Nepal
· Hand wash

60% cashmere & 40% linen blend. Our cashmere essentials have the durability of the linen and softness of the cashmere, knitted in Nepal. For more information on taking good care of your product, see CARE.

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