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Aiayu "Harmony" Mix Burned 72x72

Aiayu "Harmony" Mix Burned 72x72

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Aiayu skriver; A true testament to Nepalese craftsmanship, the HARMONY scarf is made from a luxurious combination of cotton and cashmere. The rustic, ikat pattern was carefully crafted on a handloom in an artisan workshop outside Kathmandu. The handcrafted feel is enhanced by the raw edges and earthy colour palette. 

Measurements: 72x72 cm. 

50% cashmere / 25% silk / 25% cotton. The cashmere is of the finest fiber selection, sourced from the undercoat of the Tibetian and Mongolian goats, refined in our workshop in Kathmandhu, Nepal. For more information on aiayu cashmere & silk see CARE.

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