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Aiayu "Kaimi" 47x47 Mix Hope OS

Aiayu "Kaimi" 47x47 Mix Hope OS

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Aiayu skriver; A beautiful tribute to Nepalese craftsmanship, the Kody Silk Scarf is dyed and handwoven in a small workshop in Kathmandu. Made from 100% silk, it is the perfect light and luxurious accessory to elevate any look.

All Aiayu silk scarfs are delicately handmade. Like works of art, each piece is diligently dyed and then woven by hand on traditional looms. It takes up to one week to manually set up the looms for the weaving process, emphasizing the level of labor and craftsmanship behind each silk piece we offer in our collection.

Size: 47 x 47 cm

100% Aiayu silk.
Sourced, dyed and woven by hand in Kathmandu, Nepal.

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