Snug candle holder: Red travertine - RAW
Snug candle holder: Red travertine - RAW
Snug candle holder: Red travertine - RAW
Snug candle holder: Red travertine - RAW

Snug candle holder: Red travertine - RAW

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1.450,00 kr
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Unik lysestake med ubehandlet steinflate foran og glatte sider. 
Håndlaget av Granits Barbany, Barcelona, etablert i 1880.
Designet av Svenske Sanna Völker.
Stener er skapt og formet av historien, gjennom skiftende kontinenter, hav og jordskjelv. Noen forteller sin historie gjennom hvert lag, andre gjennom fossiler. Og det er her, i sin rene variasjon, at vi finner deres skjønnhet. Vær oppmerksom på at hver stein er unik og det derfor forekommer variasjoner i farge og tekstur.

Til kronelys diameter 22mm. Vi har også lys som vist på produktfoto. Se her.

Info fra produsent;
Size: 15x3x9 cm.

Name Stone: Travertine
Origin: Iran
Colour: Different tones of red
Characteristics: Fibrous

Travertine is a dense, compacted form of limestone. A sedimentary rock formed by the evaporation of spring water, rich in calcium and carbonate, both in rivers near waterfalls and in caves by deposits of thermal water in subterranean cavities. This travertine is coloured and banded red due to the presence of iron compounds in the area.

Snug is made strictly from natural stone leftovers from a local quarry, which are the remnants from larger projects. All pieces are locally made. No toxic products are added or used during or posterior to manufacturing. 

Product care:
We believe in the value of craftsmanship and natural materials. This results in variations in colour and texture that adds to the special character of Snug where each piece is unique. All products are sold untreated in order to appreciate the natural beauty of stone. Snug is designed to be used with drip-less candles of size ∅22 mm. Personally I believe products should be used and that possible marks from use can contribute to the special history of an object. But, if you want to assure no wax hits the stone please avoid draft. It is also recommended to remove candles when they reach the stone, in order to avoid any possible stains.